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South Africa, 2022

Welcome to the Attached to the Soil, 2022 submission page!

You will find links below to required forms for your project and the link to submit your work. Please allow 4-6 weeks after submission before publication.

Do not hesitate to reach out to gyaninfo(at) with any questions. At any point in the future, for any reason, you may contact GYAN and request removal of your project.


ATTS Project Workshop Video

In The ATTS Project Workshop Video, you will learn how to put your own project together, including tips on making a successful story-telling "tableau" photo portrait, creating a soil-related metaphor to express your aspirations and the realities of your subject, and more!  Whether you attended one of Prof. Glendinning's workshops in person during 2022, and especially if you didn't, please view and learn how to make your project the successful one you want it to be!



ATTS Project Preparation Form

This form guides you through each step that is necessary to complete in order for your ATTS project to be finalized.  While the “queries” do not have to be answered in the order they are given, it presents a flow of activity that will lead to success and builds from beginning to end.

ATTS Oral History Interviewing Guidelines

This form presents guidelines drawn from the UCLA Center for Oral History Research.  It will help guide you in the attitudes and techniques that can make your interview successful, give you confidence, and put both you and your subject at ease.

Model Release Form

This form is required to be signed by your portrait subject. You can upload the model release form to the submission link below. 

Oral History Question Form

This form contains the questions students will ask to the portrait subject along with directions for having this type of interview.