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Summer 2020 Graduates Honored in Online Ceremony

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Published: Wednesday, 10 Jun 2020 Author: VIPP

VIPP Graduation Toast
VIPP participants, staff, and faculty celebrate graduation with a toast.

On Friday, June 5th, VIPP hosted its first online graduation ceremony for 22 long-term professional program participants. Their graduation was extra special as they weathered the unique challenges brought along by a global pandemic. These resilient VIPP participants had to make the drastic change to switch conducting their research and professional development to an online setting. With a special ceremony, VIPP staff and faculty honored their commitment and professionalism. We are so proud of our participants who rose to face this challenge.

The ceremony included congratulatory speeches by Director Xinyu Wu and Professor Michael Rip. Professor Zhang Mei, one of our long-term participants visiting from Yunnan University, delivered moving and inspiring valedictory remarks. She acknowledged the broadened horizons, fruitful new connections, and inspiration for the future that comes from an extended stay at VIPP.

The ensuing certificate ceremony was paired with the presentation of pictures and testimonial quotes from the new graduates. Their unique experiences at MSU and in Michigan served as a great reminder that, despite unforeseen circumstances, our participants ventured out to explore our great campus and state. They were still able to create life-long memories, and have great experiences both as professional scholars and visitors.

The program ended with a celebratory toast and speech from Dr. DeAndra Beck, Associate Dean for Research at International Studies and Programs. While it has been a challenging time for VIPP and everyone across the globe, it has allowed us to think innovatively about facilitating our programs and courses. As a result, we were able to enjoy a wonderful online gathering and celebrate our collective achievements. Congratulations, graduates!