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MSU's Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is now the Global Youth Advancement Network (GYAN)!

Published: Wednesday, 18 Jul 2018
Author: Global Youth Advancement Network
Department: Office of the Dean

In order to more accurately capture the work we are doing with and for youth worldwide, and after careful deliberation and consultation, MSU's Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) has changed its name to the Global Youth Advancement Network (GYAN)!

As part of the consultative process, we surveyed internal and external stakeholders from various sectors and geographic regions. Survey participants were asked to choose from several words including empowerment, actualization, advancement, development, investment, improvement, etc. to describe our work.  They were also encouraged to suggest other words that were not listed. We received numerous responses with a majority expressing a preference for Advancement. One stakeholder captured the general feeling of respondents in his comment that, "advancement conveys a message of progress and movement from where youth currently are to where they want to be." We also received feedback that the word "program" was restrictive and suggestions were made to include the words "global" and "network" to capture the broad geographic, demographic and programmatic range that we cover in our work. 
We truly appreciate all our stakeholders and thank those who contributed to the survey!  We hope you share our excitement about our new name and look forward to continued collaboration with you to advance the dreams, aspirations and circumstances of young people across the globe!