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South Africa, 2022 and beyond

Cover of the Attached to the Soil exhibit catalogue with text reading: A creative collaboration with South Africans by Peter Glendinning

As a result of Professor Peter Glendinning's 2022 Fulbright Specialist service project, coordinated by the University of Pretoria School of the Arts, the Attached to the Soil: South Africa, 2022 and beyond Series aims to present soil-related stories through the perspective and lens of young South Africans.

Each project was carried out by a young photographer who selected a portrait subject based on their palpable stories in relation to a soil metaphor. Interviews with the portrait subject were conducted to meticulously document such stories, and their essence was then captured through photography.

GYAN is proud to share below a sample of these inspirational projects!

Note: submissions are still being accepted; go to the bottom of this page to learn more.

Nelson Mandela University Student Projects

Below you can find a sample of ten projects completed by young South African photographers from Nelson Mandela University. The projects have been arranged by first name of portrait subject (A-Z).

Andrew Amajoyi smiling in a tank top and sweatpants poses for the camera in front of a shop window.Andrew Amajoyi's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Lihle Jacobs

Grant Foong stands over a food cart holding a cardboard takeout box. The foreground contains a figurine of a cat and a tip jar, and the background contains sauce bottles.Grant Foong's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Mvuyelwa Onke Nyushman

Kloleka Majola stands in front of a wire fence, with one hand holding a crutch and one hand on the fence.Kholeka Majola's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Khanya Tukuma

Nonhlanhla Mthembu holding a coffee cup and sitting in a chair facing a fireplace.Nonhlanhla Mthembu's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Hannah Rumbelow

Shakira stands in a doorway holding a mop and a bucket, with a rubber glove on one hand.Shakira's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Lizalise Hani

Sibongile wearing a scarf on their head sits on the ground surrounded by plastic bags, grasping a stick with both hands. Sibongile's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Morongwe Rachemula

Siyavuya Lobi stands in a field wearing a white robe, a fringed hat pulled down covering their eyes, and cords with decorative tassels around their neck.Siyavuya Lobi's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Ziphelele Mali

Thobile Nywabela poses in profile wearing a purple and blue patterned dress and a blue and white head scarf.Thobile Nywabela's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Thobile Nywabela

Yamkela Tshicila wears a white dress and a white headscarf and sits on the ground next to a jug and a bucket, holding their arms out as sand passes through their fingers.Yamkela Tshicila's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Nonhlanhla Mthembu

Yolisa Gexa, wearing a long black dress and black sandals, sits in a yellow chair with her legs crossed in front of trees and a fence. On the ground there's a wooden bowl of fruit, a low table with an open book, and a rug made of natural fibers.Yolisa Gexa's Story

Metaphor/Story/Photograph by Nonkululeko Masuku

Copyright 2022 by photographers listed under each photo: all rights in all media reserved, no reproduction without express permission of the photographers.

Submission Page

We are currently still accepting submissions from students attending one of the South African universities Prof. Glendinning has visited during his 2019 and 2022 Fulbright Scholar services.

Attached to the Soil (ATTS) is an opportunity for all to join in expressing their hopes and reflections, and the realities of people they know and respect. No special photography skills required!

Visit the ATTS Submission Page for more information.