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You will find below all information needed for you to prepare and submit your work to the Attached to the Soil (ATTS) Series. After submission, please allow 4-6 weeks for review time before publication.

Do not hesitate to reach out to gyaninfo(at) with any questions. At any point in the future, for any reason, you may contact GYAN and request removal of your project.

ATTS Project Workshop Video

The video below will be a refresher for those who attended Prof. Peter Glendinning's in-person workshops at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Durban University of Technology, Nelson Mandela University, North-West University, Stellenbosch University, University of the Free State, and University of Pretoria in 2022.

For students from other universities he was not able to visit, the video will provide guidance and tips on how to formulate a project presenting their own aspirational metaphor, a tableau portrait, and an oral-history story of their inspiring subject.

Please watch this video to learn how to make your project as successful as possible! 

ATTS Project Preparation Documents

South Africa, 2022 and Beyond:

ATTS Project Preparation Document 
This document guides you through each step that is necessary for your ATTS project to be finalized. While the “queries” do not have to be answered in the order they are given, it presents a flow of activity that will lead to success and builds from beginning to end.

ATTS Oral History Interviewing Guidelines
This document presents guidelines drawn from the UCLA Center for Oral History Research. It will help guide you in the attitudes and techniques that can contribute to an effective interview, give you confidence, and put both you and your subject at ease.

ATTS Oral History Question Document
This document contains questions students will ask to the portrait subject along with directions for having this type of interview.

Submission Information

Model Release Form
This form is required to be signed by your portrait subject. You will upload the signed model release form when submitting your project via the link below.

Submit Your Project Here!