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2024 Call for Fellows

Announcement: Open Call for Fellows for the COIL Faculty Fellows Program-Africa (Cohort 2)! 

MSU’s Office for Education Abroad, the Alliance for African Partnership (AAP), and the Global Youth Advancement Network (GYAN) anticipate welcoming to our second cohort of the COIL Faculty Fellows Program-Africa a total of twelve fellows (six from MSU and six from African AAP-affiliated universities), yielding six teams/pairs of fellows.

Each fellow will receive a $750 (USD) stipend to be used for professional and project development. Additionally, fellows will receive extensive COIL training, which is currently estimated to cost at least $250 (USD) for similar training taken directly through external partners, totaling an experience valued at $1000 (USD).

However, the benefits of this program for fellows go way beyond the duration of the program itself, and some examples are listed below:

  • learning best practices in multicultural teaching and curriculum internationalization
  • collaboration with like-minded peers and professional networking
  • content for future research, academic publications, and conference presentations
  • potential recognition of work under global learning objectives when seeking reappointment, promotion, and tenure

Note: MSU faculty/academic staff may need to complete an Outside Work for Pay form due to the stipend at Be aware that, due to fairly recent changes in tax law, stipends are taxable. Those based outside of MSU should consult their institutional regulations. In case of questions, MSU faculty/academic staff may contact Marilyn Amey, Assistant Provost for Faculty and Academic Staff Development, at amey(at)

Before navigating each tab below, see the summarized schedule for this fellowship program:

  • May-July, 2024: Application and selection processes will take place.
    • Individual Interest Form deadline: May 31, 2024 (11:59pm Eastern Time)
    • Team Application Form deadline: June 30, 2024 (11:59pm Eastern Time)
    • Announcement of selected teams: July 31, 2024 (tentative date)
  • September-October, 2024: Each team (pair) of fellows will attend a highly collaborative COIL training to learn how to best design and implement their COILed projects together.
  • January-August, 2025: COILed projects will run as part of existing academic courses.
  • 2025: A culminating symposium/academic conference to showcase fellows’ work and their COILed projects is scheduled to take place.

Eligibility Criteria / About the Fellows

This call for fellows is open to teaching faculty (i.e., faculty or academic staff with teaching appointments) from any discipline, affiliated with one of the following universities as part of the AAP Consortium:

Prior experience in COIL is not required, but each applicant must already have an existing academic course in mind which they will be teaching between January 13, 2025 and August 15, 2025, and that can be slightly restructured or modified to incorporate the COILed project.


  • Fellow's decision to take part in this fellowship program should be made in consultation with their department chair.
  • We are looking forward to supporting six teams, hence twelve fellows in total, with each team being formed by one instructor from MSU and one instructor from one of the African AAP-affiliated universities. However, all applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the selection committee is willing to consider teams of number and type outside of the parameters indicated above. Contact Dr. Cherchiglia (leticia(at) if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further.

About the COILed Project

The COILed project will be defined by each team/pair of fellows during the fellowship program, but applicants should plan for COILed projects that:

  • Last between 3-6 weeks, with at least two planned online synchronous sessions (one at the start and one at the end of the project).
  • Focus on providing an intercultural exchange through collaborative activities between students (or groups of students) from both institutions.
  • Focus on one or more AAP priority areas:
    • Agri-food Systems
    • Water, Energy, & Environment
    • Youth Empowerment
    • Education
    • Culture & Society
    • Health & Nutrition

Fellowship Program Activities

This 100% online fellowship program will be composed of:

  • a 5-week COIL training to support the design of COILed projects;
  • a fellows community of practice to support fellows’ learning throughout the program;
  • a culminating symposium/academic conference in 2025 to showcase implemented COILed projects, students’ learning, instructors’ collaborations, etc.

During the COIL training (scheduled to take place from Monday, September 9, 2024 to Friday, October 11, 2024), fellows are expected to work on their COILed projects. The COIL training will offer information, resources, tools, and collaborative opportunities in a blended format of online asynchronous and synchronous activities.

Detailed information about the COIL training schedule will be made available later this Summer, but synchronous activities will always take place on Fridays starting at 8am (Eastern Time) and the last week of the COIL training will be devoted to fellows presenting their ideas/vision for their COILed projects, and receiving feedback.

Application Process

Interested individuals must apply as a team composed of one MSU instructor and one African AAP-affiliated instructor. Since partnering must occur PRIOR to submitting a team application, individuals in search of a teammate can submit an interest form (see details below).

Individual Interest Form

  • After the deadline has passed, individuals will be notified about other individuals who are also looking for teammates.

  • Submitting the individual interest form does not guarantee that you will find a teammate. We are merely the bridge: you are responsible for contacting potential teammates and collaborating with them in preparation for your team application submission.

 Team Application Form

  • Only one application per team is required, and teams must submit information about the courses being “COILed” as well as a document containing their shared reasoning for the following:

    • Explain how their COILed project relates to one or more of the AAP priority areas (Agri-food Systems; Water, Energy, & Environment; Culture & Society; Youth Empowerment; Education; Health & Nutrition; Science, Technology & Innovation).

    • Explain their initial overall shared vision for the COILed project, focusing on the intercultural and collaborative components.

    • Explain the benefits of their COILed project for their students, their institutions, and themselves as course instructors.


      • specifics about the COILed project will be defined by each team during the fellowship program; this is merely an initial brainstorming idea.
      • the courses do not need to be in the same field of study, nor do the instructors need to be affiliated with similar academic colleges; for example, sociology students and business students could collaborate on a COILed project focused on exploring sustainable consumer behavior practices.

Selection Process

Chosen teams will be notified no later than July 31, 2024 (tentative date). Please be aware that selection preference will be given based on distribution across institutions, breadth of disciplines across applicants, and relevance to the aforementioned AAP areas.


Please make sure to check out the Info Session Webinar recording and associated FAQs located in the main fellowship program webpage, as your question might already have been answered there. Or you may contact Dr. Leticia Cherchiglia (leticia(at), GYAN’s Faculty Liaison & Program Coordinator. Thank you!