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2018 Global Voices - Africa

GYAN's second annual essay contest The Africa We're Creating was a great success,
and we are excited to announce the winners!

With the contest open to all African citizens between the ages of 15-24 years old, our team received over 500 essay submissions representing more than 20 African nations! Essay contestants were asked to respond to the contest theme "Confronting Inequity", and select one of the following sub-themes to discuss: access to quality education; access to technology; access to income (via employment or entrepreneurship); access to healthcare; gender representation; or participation in governance. This contest also required contestants to write about their specific interventions that are currently working to confront an inequity of their choosing. Essay authors wrote of their social businesses, organizations, media platforms, and more that are impacting and transforming the lives of those in their communities.

A panel of nine judges determined the contest winners, who will win the following prizes: first prize, a laptop and trip to the US to attend GYAN's 2019 Global Youth Advancement Summit; second prize, a tablet; third prize, a digital camera. Congratulations to our winners listed below, and thank you to all contest participants! Stay tuned for news of our third annual essay contest this summer!


Contest Winners

1st Place
Mthabisi Ndlovu (Age 21, Zimbabwe)
Crossroads: The Future of Education in Africa

2nd Place
Peace Ujunwa Chinekwe (Age 23, Nigeria)
Confronting Inequity Through Access to Healthcare

3rd Place
Mary Nyanduko Ombongi (Age 22, Kenya)
Reaching out to African Student Innovators


In addition to our winners, the following contestants receive an honorable mention:

  • Liz Mwendwa Mubari (Age 19, Kenya)
  • Kathurima Victor Peter Muthomi (Age 18, Kenya)
  • Pacifique Nsengiyumva (Age 19, Rwanda)